Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Issue of Crone's Gazette

My good friend Kathie at Two Frog Home created a little publication titled The Crone's Gazette back this spring. The fall issue has just come out and she is offering a crazy promotion: the first 20 issues given out are FREE! Hurry on over and snag yourself an issue. I have a column in it titled the Foraging Crone which is full of seasonal herbs and recipes. This issue also has articles about Aprons, Herbs, Canning, Rainwater Harvesting and more!

She is also accepting submissions for writers for the Winter issue which is due out on December 21. If you're interested in writing, see the writer's guidelines.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


so, it seems that i have just dropped off the face of the internet but in fact, i am still around, just overwhelmed with everything in my life!

facebook also makes me lazy, it's so easy to just pop a one-liner in my status bar and instantly upload photos from my iphoto to there that i don't have the energy to put into regularly updating my blog. i hope to change this as the weather cools off and my life slows down a bit, perhaps in another month or two!

in the meantime, i wanted to let everyone who's been inquiring know that we are well and busy and just so full of gratitude and love. we just returned from the traditions in western herbalism conference and it was just as amazing as last year. i was lucky to be able to take my partner (he hates that i call him that, wishes i'd call him my old man...) and my youngest 2 kids. i so wish i could have taken my older daughter, she so wanted to go but it fell on her dad's weekend. i hope to be able to take her along next year though.
so, here are the whooping 5 photos i took at the conference this year! i'm so bad about breaking out the camera and snapping photos. 
from top to bottom: 

1. view of campground from top of mountain...the white speck of a van in the far righthand side was our van. we hiked from there, up the side of the mountain and back several times a day. oh and down the other side of the mountain too occasionally...

2. chuck garcia, such an amazing curandero from california. loved his class immensely! very heart felt and emotional. i would love to be an apprentice with him. 

3. jaden posing with chloe and leah of rising appalachia. it was love at first site for her, she followed them all around camp and even drew them a picture. 

4. rosalee de la foret and me. rosalee labels herself as my number one fan. i can't think of a sweeter person to have for that role so i'll go with it! she's pretty amazing herself.

5. john gallagher, the mastermind behind and and me. john has dubbed herbal roots zine as 'the most bad-ass herbal publication'! flattery will get you everywhere! :D i was sporting quite the sunburn from our final day at camp....the only day it didn't rain while we were there.
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