Tuesday, August 28, 2007

our solar oven rocks!

right now, our dinner is cooking...meatloaf and potatoes (to become mashed). add a salad of lamb's quarters, tomatoes and onions and a glass of red wine from illinois cellars and you've got a local meal!

Monday, August 27, 2007

here comes the sun!

our wwoofer finished the solar oven saturday and we took it for a test cook yesterday, cooking spaghetti squash in the dutch oven.

it turned out splendidly.

today i was going to cook a pot pie in there but that flopped due to circumstances i'd rather not discuss.

tomorrow, i shall try again...meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

i am excited beyond words as my kitchen remains cool while our food gets cooked!

the oven was built out of scraps. the only cost was a can of silicon caulking to seal the seams and a roll of flashing for lining the interior. the two boxes were built from scraps of 1/4" plywood, insulation was a bunch of old t-shirts, and the glass cover was from an old window i dumpster dived on trash eve from someone's garbage. it's not the prettiest thing, but the beauty is on the inside in the form of cooked food.

Monday, August 20, 2007

to do

boy am i behind!

may to do

-ebay/second hand items search: chamber pot, kerosene heater, water filter, milk tote, s/s strainer, wringer, mini fridge
-finish herbal product restock
-water garden/herb spiral
-make invites
-sew dress
-dr/bath lights installed
-dr drapes
-summer garden in (beans, corn, squash, tomatoes, peppers,etc)
-june cards
-find nubian doe

so, obviously, the wedding has come and gone. kids are back to school and jaden-bird is doing preschool at home. sagey-bear will be 1 in 2 more weeks! time flies.

dare i set goals for the rest of august? i dare!

august to-do
-find ob who has access to copper iud and can do so in a timely manner
-find doors for kia so it can be repaired
-finish ninas room
-finish unit 1 in rosetta stone (i'm halfway through lesson 7 - it goes to 10, 3 classes per lesson)
-find shelter to take clothing and stuff leftover from sale (i'm purging, i'm purging!)
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