Thursday, November 13, 2008

How do you make Corn Flakes?

this was in a newsletter i get through email. i thought it was interesting...

What you will need:

A large stainless steel, flat bottom frying pan
1 cup of finely ground or medium-fine ground corn meal
¼ cup of granulated sugar or powder sugar
2 fine small sifters (one for corn meal and one for sugar)
1 spray bottle for water

Place the frying pan in medium heat. Place some corn meal in the sifter and powder the frying pan with corn meal—as thick or as thin as you would like your corn flakes.

Next, fill out the spray bottle with water and spray the corn meal in the pans until it is well moist, but not running.

Do not stir. You never touch it.

Let it cook slowly until the water is halfway evaporated, and immediately sift sugar to taste on top. If you prefer, you can make it plain. Let it cook until the water dries out and the flakes begin releasing from the bottom of the pan. Don't let it burn. If necessary, scrape the flakes out with a metal spatula.
The flakes will be large. Store in air tight container.
That is it. Enjoy your corn flakes!


MeadowLark said...

OK, but here's the question... have YOU tried it, or are we just your guinea pigs? :)

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I've got a recipe for homemade Grape Nuts that you might like. I'll see if I can find it... cough cough, dusty cookbook ;)

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I posted the recipe at my blog, it was too long to type here in your comments.

tansy said...

meadowlark - squeal! haha...i just thought it was an interesting recipe...i will try it soon!

nita - right on! i LOVe grape nuts!

Stephany said...

The worst thing about having a corn sensitivity is that I love corn flakes, popcorn and corn-on-the-cob. It just doesn't seem fair. I will probably make these and cheat. I have ointment made so if I break out, it won't get out of control.

Walter Jeffries said...

Cool. We love cornflakes but not the cost or the stale boxes we have gotten on occasion. We'll try this.

Dark Fox said...

I've confirmed that this recipe is valid.

Using a 20 inch 18/10 stainless steel pan, it took about twenty minutes to cook with zero prep time. The sifter is not needed if you understand how to sprinkle powdered properly. Use a spritzer/spray bottle to mist the water upon the cornflakes as to not disturb the equilibrium of the distributed corn meal.

The corn flakes will need to be cooked until the material on the pan cracks open widely and begins to become golden brown in some places. You may need to shift pan around if pan is too big to fit on entire heat source at once (i.e. big pan, small burner, move around to cook evenly).



Tiffany said...

Sounds great! Will try soon.

athpar said...

That's great to know: I never knew before how this was made. And no additives! Homemade means you know it's pure (mostly).

~Kim said...

I just tried this. It probably works but I have to say that each batch yeilds very little and it is very volitile. Some flakes are done others aren't and after your all done you get a bowl of cereal worth of flakes and a big mess. But they are good, it just takes a few times to get the heat right, the texture, how moist, not moist engough... everything.

I did find that using a coffee bean grinder was the most effective way to make a powder from the cornmeal then I just poured it into a fine sifter and shoke it lightly to release the flour. I make everything from scratch, breads anything, everything but I sadly dont think I will be adding this to the regulars that I make. Granola is much easier, not so tempermental, and much more nutricious than corn based product. But at the end it seemed like a lot of work for little yield but --it was good, everyone likes flakes right?!

heartlandroad said...

I'm trying this with oatmeal as I have no cornmeal in the house. Haven't yet got the knack (some flakes are crunchy and some are not) but they're tasty. Would be easier if my oven was working, then I'd get each batch three-quarters done and stick them in a low oven to finish drying while I get another batch on. You could knock out a big batch quite quickly doing it that way.

ScrimplyThrifty said...

Wouldn't it be easier and probably more stable to spread it on a cookie sheet and bake it? Maybe on a lower temp to prevent burning. Just a thought.

Kathrine said...

Scrimply: I tried it in the oven just now. It stuck terribly to the pan--I could not even scrape it out--had to soak it. Perhaps I will try again with a greased pan, but I don't know if that will keep it from getting crunchy...

I also tried the stove top method-- dissolving sugar in the water before I sprayed the corn flour...I think that kept them from getting crunchy. So I did it again following the exact directions and they got crunchy. They're ok. I need to keep experimenting with this method to get them better though.

Thanks for the recipe!

ashley said...

hey this is a goooood idea but i think it would take to long for a 4-h project im in 5th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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