Thursday, November 17, 2011


Whether I like it or not, Winter is knocking on our back door. We've already had the wood burning stove heating us for the last month or so, sooner than I remember in past years. We rely on the heat from this little stove to keep us warm in the winter. We supplement with some kerosene heaters, one in the basement and one upstairs to keep the pipes from freezing. The main level stays nice and toasty but the house is 2000 square feet.

A recent article over at Natural Home magazine's blog inspired this post as most of their Winterizing tips won't really work for us:
~we turn our water heater on for 1 hour each day to heat water. Twice in the coldest part of winter if we need to shower that day.

~we don't have a thermostat because of the wood stove

So, here are our Winterizing techniques:

~Cover windows with the plastic film to keep out drafts upstairs

~Cover windows with wool blankets at night to keep out cold air. During sunny days we open some of them up to let light/warmth in.

~Seal off the upstairs and use only for showering

~Sleep down in the warmest part of the house during the coldest parts of winter

~wear lots of layers: 2-3 skirts, leggings, 3-4 shirts, hat, fingerless gloves

~roll up towels to place at bottoms of doors to keep out drafts

~hang curtains in doorways at night to trap all the warmth in our sleeping area

~use ceiling fans to circulate warm air

~layer our bedding: flannel sheet, fuzzy blanket, down comforter, wool blanket (helps to trap in heat)

~sleeping with hats on our heads

What are ways you keep your house and self warm during the winter?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lady's Slipper Ring

I want to introduce to you a wonderful new monthly program a friend of mine created, the Lady Slipper's Ring. In Ananda's own words:

I have just *two* sets left for the mystery Lady's Slipper ring Members who would like to start now - all others will begin with December's herbals and practices.

This month is Luscious! - and you'd get to be on the same page with the members who have begun already. Annual payments get a whole month FREE and the first two annuals get the LINDEN set!!
(Easy monthly payments are still available though!)

Are you ready for bliss with no apologies?♥ ♥ ♥

All Lady's Slipper Members receive:

One complete three piece herbal collection every month

~ Rich and Engaging Support Content each month regarding the collection, the self care invitations that accompany the theme, and activities to awaken your conscious body. (via PDF)

~ One Q&A/Support email exchange per month 

~ Accountability through mirroring:  intention exercises which will be returned/mirrored to you periodically during the year, reflecting to you your beauty and purposes, and reminding you of your deeper self. 

~ Pre-public notice of all offerings from Plant Journeys/Amrita Apothecary

BONUS PLUS ~ One jar of decadent face cream each season especially designed for the Lady's Slipper Ring!! That's four jars per year - enough to keep you well hydrated and pampered!

SUPER BONUS ~ I already have an incredible *Linden blossom - Neroli Cream and Facial Therapy Oil set* ready to be delivered to the *FIRST TWO* MEMBERS of the Lady's Slipper Ring to pay for the full year's registration today!!

I have just joined the ring and all I can say is WOW! I am excited and thrilled to be a part of this! Each month is packed full of simple, rewarding things to do to make you feel better about yourself and open yourself up to the true potential you really have. It's like a big hug delivered to your mailbox, followed by a gentle massage and a light, loving caress. Each month you'll receive suggestions and tasks to do that open up your mind and heart without being overwhelming. I'm already in love with this amazing journey of self worth and herbal love. If you are feeling a bit down, lost, misguided or burnt out, the Lady's Slipper Ring is perfect for you!

Hurry over before she fills up and grab yourself a slot! You won't regret it.
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