ten-fold path

gail faith edwards wrote an article awhile back about the ten-fold path to becoming a community herbalist in response to an article that paul bergner wrote. most of them tie in nicely with quaker testimony so i plan to try to incorporate them into my daily living. here is a brief outline of the 10 things she feels are important to become a community herbalist:

1 – Sense of Place
2 – Pay Attention - Observation. Concentration
3 – Become humus. Humble yourself
4.1 – Learn to open your wild heart, connect with your inner wild nature
4.2 – Herbal Ally
5 - Study, study, study
6 – Simplify your life
7 – Cultivate your spirituality
8 – Listen to your clients
9 - Be your own refuge.
10 - Practice learning.

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