Monday, October 27, 2008

stove top soup

one of the few good things about this time of the year is that the wood stove is fired up 24/7 so i can cook on it. today, i made a pot of 'stove top soup.' this soup has no specific recipe and basically empties the fridge for me.

today i started with a cup of brown rice and enough water to cook it. once the rice was cooked, i chopped up celery, carrots, tomatoes, chard, lamb's quarters and radishes that were harvested from the garden yesterday. i dumped in a cup of leftover browned burger (if we had any goat in the freezer, it would have been ground goat), 1 cup of leftover corn (originally from a friend's garden) and 2 cups of kidney beans. i added enough water to cover the top and then put it on top of the wood stove.

had i been thinking, i could have went out and harvested some parsley, chives and thyme to add to the pot. i may do that for tomorrow's batch although it was darn near perfect!

6 hours later, i dished it up and served it with a few slices of homemade bread that was baked this morning. a cheap and filling meal. the kids and i (eating solo tonight as greg has a late meeting) ate 3 servings.

now it sits on the back burner of the gas stove. in the am, i'll put it back on the stove and heat it until lunchtime. it will last us several days. anyone else have a pot of soup simmering on their stove?


fullfreezer said...

I love soup, especially this time of year. I so envy you having a wood stove. In the days before we had children- and a 110 lb dog- and in a smaller house, we used to heat with a kerosene heater. We took the safety screen off the top and used to make a mean pot of chili on it. I know- probably not the smartest thing but it was tasty- and there were only 2 adults roaming who weren't going to run into it.

CatHerder said...

Usually i i made a big pot of gravy and meatballs and sausage..however, whatever is left, will get chopped up and mixed with chicken or turkey broth (whatever is in the freezer that i made), hot sauce, cilantro, tons of garlic,my secret ingredient (one cup of bloody mary mix), onions, and goya arroz amarillo (yellow rice)...topped off with a dollop of sour cream, chopped green onion and hotsauce! So good with nacho chips crushed on top! love your blog, and envy you the hoping our next (and last) home is more of a homestead with a kitchen or diningroom hearth for cooking...stay warm, its snowing today in Jersey!

MeadowLark said...


I'm at work, so I have a pot o' NUTHIN.

But you did remind me to put something in the crockpot tomorrow morning. :)

Paulette said...

I would love to have a wood stove, lucky you!

I love soup too, and you can just about always make it, like you said, just raid the fridge.

I've been making a lot lately...split pea soup 2 days ago, broccoli cheese last night, and bean and kielbasa planned for the weekend. I freeze leftovers after a day or two to take to work for lunches.

Gina said...

Don't have the woodstove installed yet :(, but I have been making a lot of "managing your resources" soups of late. I made a great one the other night. I intended to make broth out of two chicken carcesses I had in the freezer (and I did make the broth overnight), but their was still a lot of meat on the bones and I ended up with a pot of broth, diluted, mixed with carrots, onions, garlic and a few odds and ends veggies lying about. I removed the bones (after picking off the meat) and added lentils and spices. It turned out so good. We ate some of it the same night I made it and I took it for lunch to work twice. I think we still have enough for one more meal!

I can't wait to have a woodstove for soup makin'

(PS thx for letting me vent the other night. I'm over it! :)

safira said...

Not right now, since we're still finishing up a vat o' chili, but this weekend I'll start one. Or maybe two.

Danielle said...

We cooked stew on our woodstove a couple days back as well. I had some sliced up steak in the freezer we had previously grilled but didn't eat all of it so that went in with some tomato and water and celery, onions and potatoes. We put a beer in there and some spices and let it simmer away for awhile. Super yummy!

Stephany said...

I am not sure I will have my woodstove this winter! Somehow I managed to bump a cement post going 8mph and did $2300 worth of damage to my car.

There goes the money we were saving to fix the chimney.

Robbyn said...

We just have an electric stove, but have a crock pot. We've had a lot of soup lately, usually pieced together by whatever leftovers are going on at the time. We love soup! Most times it's either stock based or potato based, but I've also been incorporating curry at times, mmmm

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