Wednesday, September 19, 2007

must. focus.

lately, i've been feeling like i've not only fallen off the wagon of sustainability, but i've also rolled down the hill, through the woods and into the lake.

time to refocus. gardening went out the window for the most part this year. the animals have become more of a burden than anything (i have multiple lumps and bruises all over my face and legs from an accident this am to prove it). budgeting money has slipped by the wayside (but still i do not own credit cards!). even my herbal business has suffered.

i'm afraid to review my goal list for this year and for the next 5 years but i must. i hate feeling like a hypocrite.


Gina said...

Oh, K-you are not alone! I feel the same way. My food preservation for this year was much lower than in the past (and I even started using the pressure canner!); some of the animals are a burden here too; and I gave up on the garden around August; et cetera, etcetera.

I hope we both regain our sustainable farming spirit.

Katie said...

It must be a common theme, I'm feeling it (especially with my sugar consumption of late) and I've been reading about it alot in other blogs. You're not alone but refocusing is so energizing. Good luck and keep us posted on what's happening.

Willow Myrina said...

Every now and again, we have our little slips. The main thing is realising and hopping back onto our wagon and tkaing control before it spirals even more out of our control and makes us feel even worse.
I've been feeling this a lot recently, and your post has just reminded me of somethings I wnated to get done today, so I'm off to go do them.
In Love And Light,
Willow Myrina.

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