Friday, October 10, 2008

independence days - week 23

since i'm struggling to get the garden in again this year due to my rambunctious toddler, i thought taking the id challenge would be a good moral booster for me. i try to practice this idea anyway during the growing seasons so it's a great reminder of how much i really do even when it feels like i don't.

i've noticed my i d days have evolved to include general 'wtshtf' type preparations as well as just food storage. anyone else have a similar experience?

1. plant something:
^planted goldenseal
^planted garlic

2. harvest something:
^eggs, milk
^10 long neck squash to store
^calendula flowers

3. preserve something:

^4 qts. chicken broth

4. prep something:
^ordered 15 lbs. sea salt

5. cook something:


6. manage your reserves:
^bought big berkey water filter with black filters
^bought otoscope
^bought sheep shears
^bought colored paper to print out special book pages (see below)
^print colored pages for when there is no doctor book
^bought binders at salvation army to put above printouts in

7. work on local food systems:
^sold eggs and jellies at local farmer's market
^bartered with produce vendor: milk for veggies

8. reduce waste:
^use canvas bags at grocery store and farmer's market
^re-use egg cartons for our nest run eggs
^bartered herbal products for fitted diapers

9. Learned a skill:


Danielle said...

Way to score some diapers. I like it!

Gina said...

Yes, I think my own IDC has that sort of goal these days as well. I still want to be self-sufficient as much as possible (my original goal), but I am also concerned about the current state of things. Shawn is going to Wisconsin for two months (2 separate trips) and I will have to fare 100% on my own (good test, I guess, LOL!)

I printed out the Where there is no dentist (and plan to do the same with the Doctor one). Great resource!

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