Wednesday, November 4, 2009

holiday gift thoughts

i hope to knit up a bunch of small items this year for solstice gifts:

crowns for the kids (aren't these great? you can do them with or w/o the hat...i plan to do w/o and do a different color band for each of the 3 kids i'll knit them for)

scarves for the american girl dolls simple 1" x 18" knit scarf with fringe for nina and jaden's girls

american girl doll clothing for jaden's fake kirsten doll: jammies, dress, leather shoes

i found this great etsy seller (from bek) who makes very inexpensive wooden blanks. i ordered dinosaurs, king, queen, princess, prince (she made one just for me and then added it to her shop!), dragons, castle set, tree asst. i get to paint them and decide who gets what.

creating a doctor's kit for jaden (who wants one and likes to play with my medical supplies: stethoscope, otoscope, blood pressure cuff, etc.)

my 3 youngest are the easiest to shop/make for. the 3 oldest are the hardest and i'm's hard making things or buying inexpensively when their tastes/desires are not! but, i'm working on it...

more to come!

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nettlejuice said...

both of my nieces will be getting those crowns.

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