Saturday, January 2, 2010

January plans and theme

while blog surfing, i came upon the blog by sun and candlelight and love her idea of themes & plans for each month. i'm hoping this will help me to focus and organize so i don't think 'oh, i should have done _____ this month!' then, i'll have something to look back on and refer to each year and add to as i need. i hope it will also give us inspiration for our homeschooling ruts as well.

~begin collecting seed catalogs
~go through existing seeds and make a list of what's needed
~make a list of new plants/herbs i want to try this year
~snow? (becoming more rare it seems)
~tracks in the snow
~full wolf moon (30)
~fill the bird feeders daily
~gather and prepare maple tree tapping equipment
~keep a hole in the water pond ice for the fish; observe life through the hole
~observe the plants under the snow and ice
~log daily happenings in garden journal

~citrus is in season
~make orange marmalade
~make salted lemons and limes
~make sugared lemons and limes
~make limoncello
~dried fruits (dry more apples this fall!)
~hearty stews and pot pies
~homemade bread
~hot herb tea
~hot lemonade
~hot cocoa a la jim mcdonald
~ham and beans with corn bread

~thank you notes
~finish putting away solstice decorations
~print off new calendar
~order any seed catalogs not received
~gather tax documents
~plan valentine's day surprises for kids
~plan imbolc activities
~dedicate a plastic bin for solstice to start storing away stocking stuffers and hand made gifts as i acquire them
~create a work sheet to list items for the storage bin
~play more board games with the kids

~read through the wild heart of mary
~sevenwater series

field trips and homeschool activities:
~visit alton for eagle days and try to see the nesting eagles
~resume thursday playdays

~knit 3-4 dishclothes to put away for solstice gifts
~work on jaden's knitting skills
~make snowflakes to decorate for imbolc
~watercoloring, coloring, beeswax modeling


Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration! Happy New Year!

Gina said...

I like the uncomplicated, focused look of your list. I may borrow your idea!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Love your wood stove! I understand the pains it can be with heating of ones own water. We did it as kids which was not bad when we used a large metal tub basin in the kitchen.
We had to do laundry in the bathroom tub for awhile too.LOL.
I have a question for you...Do you feed your dogs a raw diet? I know I read from someone on my list they do and You were the first to pop in my head. Have some questions about it, so I am looking for someone to get tips on the balance/methods.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you do every month on your blog!!!

I"m a huge fan of Dawn, and I printed off each of her months, but I'd love more ideas! (And you've inspired me to do my own!)


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