Wednesday, February 3, 2010

february plans and theme

wow! january went by way too fast and i haven't even gotten through half that list. too much to do, too little time. here is my short list for february. i hope to add/modify it as necessary this month. it's time for spring to start waking up...tapping the maples will quickly give way to the peeper's song, heralding the return of spring next month!

~order seeds
~start sweet potato slips
~tap trees
~start seeds at end of month
~days are getting longer
~cut willows to make playhouse
~gather cottonwood buds
~full snow moon (28)
~skunks come out of hibernation to find a mate...will we see any?

~begin reviewing wwoofer applications
~begin preparing garden

~Candlemas/Imbolc/Brigid's Day, Feb 2:  
If Candlemas be fair and bright, 
Winter will have another flight; 
But if Candlemas be clouds and rain, 
Winter is gone and will not come again.

The Maiden comes to bring us light!
The Winter dies, and all is bright!
The frozen ground shall disappear -
And all shall sprout, for Spring is near!

Something to chant while cleaning house during this time period:

Blessed be the earth, and all who dwell upon it.
We give thanks for the season now departing from us,
For the blessings it has bestowed upon us,
And upon those with whom we share this world.
Blessed be the new season.
We pray that it will be a time filled with peace,
With abundance, with prosperity,
With wisdom,
With love.

~valentine's day

~citrus is in season
~make orange marmalade
~make salted lemons and limes
~make sugared lemons and limes
~make limoncello
~dried fruits (dry more apples this fall!)
~hearty stews and pot pies
~homemade bread
~hot herb tea
~hot lemonade
~hot cocoa a la jim mcdonald
~ham and beans with corn bread
~peppermint patties

~taxes done
~purge playroom and living room
~valentine's gifts for the kids/greg
~lots of board games and homeschooling

~little house series read aloud to jaden and sage
~women who run with the wolves
~treehouse perspectives
~through the wild heart of mary
~a sand county almanac

field trips and homeschool activities:
~eagle days in alton
~columbia bottom conservation area to harvest cottonwood buds

~3-4 washcloths knitted for solstice gifts
~work on baby gift for friend
~watercoloring, coloring, beeswax modeling with kids
~valentine's gifts for kids
~spring equinox gift ideas firmed up and started
~create bird supply houses from milk cartons. i saw this idea on someone's blog but can't remember where. they were painted like houses and were really cute.

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Stephanie said...

Was looking at your list, so much for us to start doing in southern IL. But I must do you start your sweet potatoes? I've never done any type of potato and am a new convert to sweet potatoes in particular.

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