Sunday, March 6, 2011

Herbal Ally Challenge #9: Review and Vinegars Part 2

This week we will be revisiting some challenges we started earlier. It is easy to make your herbal medicine and then let it sit and forget about it so we’ll be focusing on a few herbal medicines we made as well as reviewing our research.
Assignment 1:
Take a moment to read through your journal from start to finish. Reflect on everything you have learned about your ally up to now and make note of anything you’ve written down previously and forgotten about. Reread any herbal books you feel necessary or pertinent to helping you remember this forgotten information. Jot down any lessons you have learned about your ally up to this point.
Assignment 2:
Your vinegar should be ready to use now. Try it out at least once a day and record your experiences. You can use it simply by taking a tablespoon in a glass of water at night before bed or if you are having digestive issues, 20 minutes before eating or be more elaborate and sprinkle it on food, mix with your herbal oil to make salad dressing or more. Refer back to the first Vinegar challenge (Challenge #5) for more ideas on uses. 
For the first time when using your vinegar, taste your vinegar with a clean pallet. Focus on the taste of your vinegar and record anything you notice, such as an opening in the chest, a soothing of the stomach and so on. Make note of how you felt before and after tasting the vinegar, physically and mentally. You can choose to continue this step each day or not, but try to be aware of any changes you feel.
Assignment 3:
Record anything noticeable, large or small in using your ally vinegar. 


Don't forget to check on your seedlings, making sure they are still damp and getting plenty of sunlight! 

If your ally is a nourishing herb, keep taking your infusions and record any changes you are feeling after having taken them for 2 months. 

Coming up in the next few weeks, we'll be revisiting our tinctures, oils and adding a daily meditation to our challenges. If you are new to this challenge, you are welcome to work at your own pace from the beginning or go back to lessons 5 - 8 to get up to speed to where we are now. Lessons 1-4 can be done at any time and can be intertwined with the other lessons.

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