Sunday, January 22, 2012

Homestead Plans 2012

Looking ahead to our plans for this year and what I'd like for us to accomplish. This list will be updated/added to as things pop into my head.

Grain production:
-grow oats again, for both milky oats and dried for consumption
-grow millet for consumption

Animal feed production:
-grow alfalfa and red clover for medicinal and for hay
-fence in pasture #2
-mend fences for orchard for kids pasture (we did this temporarily last year and it worked well to keep the kids separated from their mamas and kept the orchard from becoming overgrown w/o damaging the trees)

Winter gardening:
-finish greenhouse

Food storage:
-old freezer root cellar (i wanted to do this with both our dead deep freeze and fridge but it seems the fridge succumbed to target practice)

Water storage:
-get rain barrels set up

Garden production:
-up production of sweet potatoes, potatoes, onions, parsnips, rutabagas, turnips and carrots
-work on fall gardening crops
-incorporating more permaculture concepts

Homestead purge:
-clean out the spare shed completely
-butcher old hens that are no longer laying (some we will use for stewing, some will become dog/cat feed)

-create outdoor sleeping area for summertime


Kathie said...

So many exciting projects!

Rita M said...

Good luck with all the projects!!

Gina said...

Busy goals as usual, Kristine! I admire you! :)

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