Saturday, November 10, 2012

Preparedness: Stocking Stuffers

Solstice is coming and with it the dilemma of what to stuff stockings with. I hate buying flimsy, crappy toys that will fall apart or useless junk that will just become trash in a few weeks. My kids LOVE survival stuff so I've put together a list of possible stocking stuffers. Many of these items have been requested by my kids at one time or another.

Para Cord Survival Bracelet
These come in a variety and colors and sizes. Each inch of bracelet roughly equals 1 foot of para cord.

Even funner are the Para Cord Bracelet/Compass Combo.
You lose a bit of the cord but the compass could be handy, especially on a daily basis with my kids going out into the woods which meander all around.
Full tang hunting knife with fire starter
The reviews on this particular knife and some of the others recommend wrapping your own para cord on the handle.
Survival Snare Kit
Has instructions on using snares and 2 different sized snares. I most likely would buy one then create my own kits based off this one as they are about $17 with shipping.

Fishing Survival Kit
Possibly another kit I would buy 1 of then create copies of. It gets expensive buying for 5 kids!

Leatherman Multitool (there are many styles and price ranges available)


11 function credit card tool

Pro-Knot Card Sets by John Sherry. They have 3 to choose from

Ka-Bar Hobo Utensil Set - my 15 year old is in love with this thing!

Will you be stuffing prepping/survival items into your kids' stockings this year? What sort of survival/prepping goodies will you give them?

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