Wednesday, March 14, 2007


my onion order arrived. i wish i would have had it on monday when it was nice out and i was planting. it's supposed to get cold and rainy the next few days. grrr!

the next chance i get, in the ground will go 2 bunches (about 60 each) each of:
-first addition
-red bull

i'm bummed. i thought first addition was a red and it's not. it's a yellow. only 2 bunches of red onions. hopefully the yellow will be tasty and make up for it.

also, i purchased 50 lbs of red seed potatoes today. again, they will go into the ground asap. i'll need to cut them up and let them dry out a bit first though. hopefully, they'll be in soon.

ideally, everything needs to get into the ground before sunday when the moon turns new.

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