Thursday, March 1, 2007

monthly to do

february to do

-paint dining room (oops! did this in january)

-finish moving caleb

-paint nina’s new room 3/4 done

-move nina

-paint studio

-tap maple trees

-kitchen facelift: paint, put up wainscot, replace shelves, acquire 3x3 kitchen table (want to spend more time in kitchen but have nowhere to sit), investigate flooring beneath vct in progress - painting is 95% done

-sew curtains for front and back door and dining room windows

-march & april cards

-make 1 solstice gift

-ostara gifts made for kids

-purchase kerosene heater (back up heat source, part of preparedness plan) not in budget this month

-research and purchase laptop and printer

-get taxes done

-make bloomers for girls patterns made

overall, not bad on completing the list. the kitchen has become a huge project just because of the shape of it and the multitude of stuff (food, dishes, etc) to move and work around. it is shaping up nicely and will definitely be finished by the end of this month. because i got busy working in there, i neglected other items on my to do but i will start picking back up on them.

march to do

-paint nina’s new room 3/4 done (need to paint new color, waiting on greg to finish moving his boxes out)

-make bloomers for girls patterns made

-make 2 solstice gifts

-ostara gifts made for kids

-finish kitchen: wainscot, flooring, paint, strip wood trim

-april cards, start may cards

-curtains for dining room (if i find fabric i like)

-sew apron for me (would like to have 2-3)

-write article #2 for herb magazine

-start garden! (spring greens: radishes, lettuce, spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli)

-purchase kerosene heater

-investigate water filters

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