Thursday, May 3, 2007

April / May To Do Lists

april to do
-paint nina’s new room 3/4 done (need to paint new color, waiting on greg to finish moving his boxes out)
-make 2 solstice gifts
-b-day gift for mom
-finish kitchen: wainscot, flooring, strip wood trim (as time/weather permits)
-may cards
-curtains for dining room (found the fabric!)
-sew 2-3 more dresses for jaden
-sew 2 outfits (shorts) for sage
-write article #2 for herb magazine
-continue defining 3 new raised beds
-continue creating herb bed
-rough out new herb spiral/water garden
-start summer garden in progress
-mulch, mulch, mulch in progress
-continue trying to purchase kerosene heater and 2nd chamber pot (for wipes) watching ebay auctions in progress
-start watching ebay auctions for water filters in progress
-finish replenishing herbal products for market in progress
-bees! not happening this year it appears...hopefully we can at least get the equipment
-find housesitter for annual trek to colorado

this month didn't go so well, at least not according to this list. i got sidetracked a lot.

but, the garden is steadily coming along and i am progressing on things, just not as fast as i want to be.

may to do:
-ebay/second hand items search: chamber pot, kerosene heater, water filter, milk tote, s/s strainer, wringer, mini fridge
-finish herbal product restock
-water garden/herb spiral
-make invites
-sew dress
-dr/bath lights installed
-dr drapes
-summer garden in (beans, corn, squash, tomatoes, peppers, etc)

i'm leaving this month less filled to try to get more done if possible from my h.f to do list.

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