Thursday, April 19, 2007

hand-fasting to do list

actual h-f to do:
-finalize guest list
-finalize dress design
-sew dress
-sew girl's dresses
-design invites
-make invites
-create menu
-write vows
-find folk or bluegrass band or something...johnny fox? matt from bigelo's?
-design and make commitment necklace (more on this later)
-find photographer

house related:
-install dr chandelier
-install downstairs bath sconces
-finish kitchen (wainscot, ceiling, floor, trim)
-install ceiling fan in living room
-make and hang dr drapes
-make and hang new curtain for kitchen door

-plant lots of flowers
-shape up veggie garden
-expand herb garden
-install solar shower
-would like outdoor kitchen to be built
-water garden/herb spiral completed

3 months isn't a long time to do all this is it?!

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