Friday, June 29, 2007

swamped, in more ways than one

it has rained every day for the past week. maybe longer. it reminds me of the midwest flood of '93. (which wouldn't affect us if it happens again but still, cloudy days are depressing).

the garden (and WEEDS) is flourishing. herb gardens are establishing. our wwoof'er emily is keeping the weeds at bay as they slowly threaten to devour every single garden bed we have.

the ceremony plans are coming along. my dress is about 95% finished. jaden's is finished and nina's will be when she gets home sunday. i have outfits for all 3 boys, only one left is greg. he wanted a kilt and i was going to sew it but i ran out of time and was at a loss on finding the buckles needed to complete it.

currently, i am working on the parting gifts. the plates and cups arrived yesterday. i attempted to find some silverware last night but no luck. i'll search again the next few days and come up with something, i'm sure. i have 54 napkins to sew total (15 completed so far), 18 utensil pouches total (1 completed) and 18 carrying bags to complete. the carrying bag fabric still needs to be tie dyed. i ran out of thread and had to run to the fabric store last night to pick it up along with more needles for the machine (it's on it's last one and is getting dull quickly) and advice on how to change my dress sleeves (none received).

we still have to make our quaker wedding certificate. tonight, we must sit down and rough it out. we must! and write our vows. and the ceremony for that matter.

not panicking yet. still have 8 days.

scary, the lady at the fabric store knew the exact amount of days left. think i've been there too many times?


Maria said...

oohhhh, MAN, I wish I could be there!!! You'd better be sure someone is taking lots of pictures!!!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Yes! please take/post lots of pictures (or make a picaso slideshow) so we can all appreciate the hard work you have put into it. It sounds like such a wonderful day full of meaning and lots of love put into all the preparations.
Best wishes!
p.s. I lost the bookmark to your site & am so happy I found it again. I missed reading your updates.

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