Saturday, November 22, 2008

regular blogging will now resume...

after several months of limping along, typing without the 3, e, d, f, c keys, it all came to an end today when my new keyboard arrived in the mail.

i finally buckled down and resolved to live without my laptop for 1 week (what the computer repair guy said it would take to get it done). i sent it off with greg to drop off across the street from his office. he brought it back home that night saying it was recommended i buy a keyboard off ebay and then bring it in for them to install.

well, they were going to charge me $50 to do that and being the cheapskate i am, i started researching how to install it myself. finally, i stumbled across dell's manual that gives you step by step instructions on how to do it. basically, you remove the battery, pop off the plate above the keyboard, unscrew 2 screws, unplug it from the mother board, plug in the new one, screw back in, replace plate, put battery back on and presto....i'm back to my 60wpm typing!!!! HAL - A - LU - YAH! 5 minutes of my time. amazing how simple it was.

making up for lost time now! :D


Brad Carter said...

Chatting with you was so interesting without the EDFC keys!

tansy said...

bra[), just phor you, i will still use that metho[) oph typing. :[)

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