Wednesday, November 5, 2008

terrible twos?!


Ron said...

Your kids sure are cute/handsome. :)

About growing animal feed... we just grew for ourselves, but the pigs and chickens sure benefited from the bad tomatoes and canning extras. Next time we get pigs, I think we'll get them a month or so later and fatten them on hickory nuts/acorns, plus plant a bunch of root crops for them (I'd go with pumpkins, but those darn squash bugs might make that a challenge).


tansy said...

thanks ron!

my family are a bunch of picky eaters, especially my other half. i pull these crops that i've grown to feed our animals and feed us with them and everyone wrinkles their nose at them. oye. so, i keep disguising them in other things, hoping they'll grow on them but in the meantime, at least i have someone who will eat them (i hope...those darn goats are surprisingly picky).

living the simple life said...

Oh how cute, and big for 2 years old! I like those cheeks!


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