Monday, December 29, 2008

i intend to follow up the last post with my new goal list for 009...haven't had time to finish up that yet though.

in the meantime, i love this idea:

tea bag holder

i'm always carrying tea bags because most restaurants don't have herbal tea selections. we don't eat out much so the bags get pretty tattered bouncing around in there. this is a perfect solution!


Gina said...

That is neat!

i just noticed tonight Long Lane Bees on your sidebar. I order two of my complete hives from them. really friendly and helpful.

fullfreezer said...

That is cute. I use an old tin from Altoids that one of the children painted for me at school. I love those tins. I have a co-worker who always saves them for me when she has eaten all the mints. They are great for traveling sewing kits, buttons, teas, whatever small bits you have.

tansy said...

i never thought of using those for that...i use them for sewing kits and all sorts of things. i decoupage them and am getting ready to add some to my etsy site soon.

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