Thursday, December 18, 2008

so much to do, so little time...

3 days until solstice!

i have all but 1 present under the tree and i am afraid it's not going to arrive by saturday night so i'll have to wrap a picture of the item. grrr. it's my own fault, i ordered a custom made civil war cap for my stepson not realizing it was custom made and could take 6-8 weeks to arrive. it is supposed to arrive next week though so that's not too bad.

now i'm frantically finishing gifts for friends. i'm halfway through the felt food pancake sets. i am making 6 sets of 3 pancakes, 2 pieces of bacon and 2 fried eggs. all i have left is to finish sewing the yolks on the eggs. alnmost done there. i am also contemplating cutting out some dark brown felt 'syrup' splotches and yellow squares down sewn to make butters pats.

next up is the magic 5 game sets. i am halfway done. i have 5 more sets of the wooden disks to sand, paint and seal and 5 sets of dice. matriarchy gave me a great idea to add to the existing magic 5 game set over in the comments on my women not dabbling in normal post last week. thanks matriarchy for the great idea! i went out and purchased wooden cubes and am painting them as matching dice for the sets. the bags are all sewn and the instruction cards for the 2 games are already printed, laminated and in the bag. the painting will take a few hours to complete, including sealing but i still have to sand 2 sets and that's going to take awhile as well.

other than that, i have a few gifts to finish wrapping but aren't needed until we do the traditional family christmas stuff on christmas eve and day so i'm not worried about that. i also need to whip up a couple batches of fudge by monday, make a couple cute gnomes for a friend's son's b-day party on sunday (he's a solstice baby), make a batch of lotion for a gift order for a friend, make some more peppermint bark and assemble about 20 or 30 gift bags, 14 that will be needed for monday and the rest on wed and thur. oh, and package soaps for all those bags and a set to drop off at the library for the staff there.

other than that, i'm done. ha.

we've all been battling something. diarrhea for some, sore throats, headaches and sinus congestion for others. i fall in the other category, most likely because i fell in the some category earlier this week. tis the season.

time to get some shut eye so i can get up, rinse and repeat.

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Kathie said...

You amaze me! That breakfast set, too adorable! I hope everyone feels better soon.

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