Wednesday, June 10, 2009

it's futile

why my kitchen floor is never clean
the culprit


Christine said...

You are right, it is futile. Give up now to save yourself ;). Those look like my feet some days and I am 47.

Ron said...

Mom used to hose us off naked in the backyard when we got that dirty... :)

Somehow, being muddy as a kid didn't bother me, but I can't stand it now. Kiddo gets great delight in that fact and insists on showing me just how muddy she can get. :)


tansy said...

ron - i'm ok with it everywhere but under my fingernails. that drives me nuts!

they are generally naked and i do hose them down when i catch them but most of the time, they come screaming through the house looking like that before i'm even aware of how muddy they are.

christine - it really is a losing battle isn't it? thank goodness i've got plenty of other distractions to keep me from worrying about the filthy house. :D i'm still not past the embarrassment when someone comes over and sees it like that though. guilt my mother instilled in me at an early age i suppose.

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