Monday, June 15, 2009

rainy days and mondays always get me down

it's a rainy day and monday...i'm feeling karen carpenter's pain.

on a more cheery note, i'm doing another giveaway over at herbal roots! this week is for a plantain pendant made by my good friend rebekah. come check it out!

i have so many things i could be doing outside but the rain is discouraging that. paths need mulching, weeds need weeding, water pond needs digging, laundry needs hanging...but once again, rain, rain, rain. i'm sorry, did we move to the pacific nw and i slept through the move or something?! seriously. i am not cut out for this non-stop gloominess week after week.

alas, instead, i am stuck in the house with 4 kids who will want my non-stop attention today while i try to declutter some areas that seriously need it. and working on herbal roots, a good rainy day project.

i seriously wish i didn't have to sleep so i could be more productive.

i hear the weeds growing 10' tall out there while the vegetables cower. what is up with that?!


karl said...

sorry about the rain- that was me yesterday and we just got nothing done while the rain soaked the clothes i had on the line. looks like things may really summer-up here soon, though. i hope!

Anonymous said...

that was me, not karl sorry!

mamak said...

oh mama do I ever hear you. we are having rain storms,rain showers,rain,rain,rain AND MORE RAIN. I'm a glass half full kinda girl but this toooo much. Hang in there,I'm looking to the summer solstice!

Ron said...

yeah, non-stop rain stinks. I'll bet my local squash bugs are partying...

There's a tiny break in it here... in about 2 minutes I'm headed for the woods to escape the TV noise inside. Arg! Enough with the rain!


Gemini said...

It seems like we're all getting a lot of rain. I live in the arid southwest...or, at least, it's SUPPOSED to be arid. We haven't had a straight day of sun in months. It clouds up and rains (or at least sprinkles) daily.

And plenty of the other people's blogs I read are also talking about how much rain they've been getting...and how unusual it is.

P.S. I just go out and tend the garden in the rain anyways. It's actually kind of nice.

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