Wednesday, October 21, 2009

handmade holidays

sharon hit the nail on the head with her post about the extravagance of everyday living. i really enjoy her writing and today's entry is no exception. as much as i loathe to think about the holidays, i need to at least get my idea list written out so i can make room in my busy schedule to start making gifts.

and, i'd like to squeeze in time to make myself a gift...wrist warmers. i found a nifty calculator that will generate a pattern for my skinny little wrists to i need to dig out my measuring tape and get measuring!

for those interested in starting their own handmade holiday, crunchy's got a little challenge going on.


nettlejuice said...

Oh, yes. We are definitely all about the handmade holidays. Last year I started crafting too late and was a frantic mess. This year I'm allready started and hope to have the slow and steady crafting leading right up to the holidays.

Gina said...

Well, I actually started off on a good foot this year. I bought my MIL a beautiful handmade birdhouse made out of recycled material like barn siding and wood, an old wooden oar and some sort of hinge thing for the perch. I need to go back to that antique store where I found it and get one for my mom (or make one myself as I have a barn full of junk, including some great old outdoor faucets left over from the previous owner).

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