Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rainiest october on record

all this rain is really trying for my moods. i need sun!

today i went grocery shopping. did a huge run: trader joe's, shop-n-save and aldi. phew! thank goodness greg's bonus came through as we were out of a lot of things. although i spent quite a bit, i don't plan on going for another 5-6 weeks, hopefully longer, so i tried to purchase accordingly. i did buy a couple bags of dove chocolate (which i will hoard and enjoy 2 or 3 pieces at a time) and a half dozen bottles of wine but other than that, everything was bare bones:

milk (our goats are dried off now and suddenly, my kids WANT milk!)
half and half (for greg's coffee) i buy several small containers and they will last a month or longer
10# butter
4 cream cheese
8# coffee beans (greg's habit, not mine)
2 packages mate (my habit, used sparingly when i need a kick start)
8# popcorn (our replacement for the nighttime ice cream snack...much healthier!)
2 large bottles ketchup (i miss my homemade, better luck next year with tomatoes)
6 bottles wine (trader joe's has some awesome chilean wine for $4/bottle!)
2 bags each: frozen tuna, frozen salmon, frozen broccoli, frozen green beans
6 - 1# packages block cheese: 2 sharp, 2 mild, 1 mozza, 1 colby jack
6 bags apples (stored 4 in basement and will ration them out)
2 bunches bananas (hide and hoard method again)
4 bags all natural beef jerky (quick snack when we have to run out the door to pick up the older kids)
8 containers of frozen juice (to be mixed with kombucha for a healthy drink)
3 portabello mushrooms
1 box organic salad/spinach mix (i'm craving fresh salad lately)
3 bags frozen shrimp
10# bacon (tj' nitrates/nitrites)
8 bags choc. chips
1 pkg dried apricots
1 pkg candied ginger
3 pkg cheese sticks

things i wanted but dutifully passed by: miss meringue cookies, cereal for the kids, avocadoes, cinnamon scones, salami, lunch meat...

i'd love to be able to stay away from the grocery store until dec 28, which would be 8 weeks. butter and cream probably won't last that long though.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you on the temptation of avocados... just thinking about them makes my mouth water.

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