Monday, December 14, 2009

calm down!

i noticed that i was very testy and irritable today so after facebooking my mood and intent to self medicate with lemon balm and motherwort, a few friends gave me their own formulas for the same experience: catnip and borage.

borage! i had forgotten i tinctured up a half gallon of it a few months back. i decided to whip up 2 oz. with: borage, catnip, lemon balm and motherwort. when i poured off the borage i had to play with it as the color was an amazing jewel green. i would have taken a picture but the lighting was bad due to our (seemingly) permanently placed cloud cover. i'll try again tomorrow if the clouds decide to shift away from the sun.

premilinary reports from this mama: feeling better! what did i name this lovely mixture? why, calm down! of course. i think my kids will be happy that i'm taking it tomorrow.


Tan Family said...

Wonderful! Lemon balm is always great for anxiety and irritability. Thank you for sharing your concoction.

Gina said...

O, I wish I had harvested some of the fabulous borage I had this year for this purpose! In fact, my plants just died back a week or so ago!

Thanks for sharing!

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