Sunday, December 20, 2009

handmade holidays - progress update 3

i ended up buying a few of the gifts because it is hard to make for the older kids. more about all that tomorrow. we celebrated solstice this am due to scheduling issues with the older 4 kids but today, i'm only going to post the pictures of what i made.

i don't think my step daughter liked her clothes i made for her which was a little depressing as i thought she'd LOVE the fabric but, with teenagers, it's always hard to gauge. more than anything, i feel bad that she didn't like it. i would have come up with something else if i really believed she wouldn't.

the skull/crossbone sparkly shirt:the 3-d skull/poetry skirt:
both together (although not intended to be worn together):

i made jaden a doctor's kit. i started out planning on making felt instruments but then when talking to a friend, decided to go with real items whenever possible. i made the bag from felt with a velcro closure:
i still need to add the stethoscope. i purchased it from a midwifery supply shop and am waiting for it to arrive (a couple friends and ordered a huge lot of stuff to save on shipping). the kit includes an eye chart, bandaids, an ace bandage, a percussion hammer, a thermometer, an otoscope, a syringe and a tongue depresser:

the only faux item was the blood pressure cuff. i made it from felt and filled the bulb with a crinkly plastic bag for effects:
i didn't get a chance to finish adelena's owl bookmark so i threw together a kit for her to make it. i copied the directions from the website, added a picture of the finished product plus all the thread and felt parts and viola!:all packaged nicely in a ziploc bag:

i made jaden's faux kirsten doll clothes: a short sleeved dress...
(back of dress and apron):

and my most proud accomplishment: tights (made from a real pair of girl's tights that had a run in them) and moccasins. i embroidered flowers on the shoes but forgot to photograph that:


Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

i think that shirt and skirt are awesome. i would wear them. what a lot of hard work and love went into all those projects. the doctor's kit is very cool. nice work, tansy. happy holidays!

Gina said...

Agree, agree-the skirt and shirt are so super cool! I woul dhave loved them as a teenager (and even now!!)

You are so talented!

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