Thursday, June 3, 2010

homeschooling update

we are still going full speed ahead with school. jaden would do it 7 days a week if i had the time to sit down with her.

she still won't read but i've been working on phonograms with her daily much to her dismay. she has a mental block on the last 8 or so sounds but i think she will get them soon enough.

math is another block. we have been working on skip counting....2's and now 10's. she's not grasping the concept very well so i've created extra worksheets then backed off and moved forward. i figure it will click sooner or later.

for science, i purchased a microscope for us. we've been looking at things under it and also following the pandia press r.e.a.l. science curriculum. i love it! we're studying the body right now.

history has been a lot of fun. we are using pandia press's history odyssey and doing ancient egypt. today she and her sister mummified a barbie doll and put her tomb in the flower garden, lol. we've been doing lots of fun egyptian stuff and i hope to wrap up egypt by having her help me cook an egyptian meal of foods they would have eaten during ancient egypt. she LOVES history pockets and wants to do them everyday. i purchased a papyrus plant for my water pond so she could see a real papyrus plant. when it gets bigger, i'll harvest some and we'll make paper from it. i also bought a paper making kit. i hope to break that out in the next few days so we can play with that. it should be a lot of fun!

art has seen a lot of water color crayons and some pastels and clay. some of the clay projects were tied to the history lessons, some just for fun. we are following the artistic pursuits but also plenty of free choice art going on!

life skills - jaden and sage have both been milking and adelena is getting in on it too now. i have turned over this chore to adelena and the wwoofer.

jaden helps with cooking, cleaning, setting the table and more.

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