Thursday, June 3, 2010

Independence days challenge year 3

boy, time's just whizzing by. i'm happy to report that things are moving forward here. or at least moving...

Planted: 5 heirloom tomatoes, 2 zucchini, 1 cuke, 3 basil plants purchased from farmer's market (all my seedlings died), 2 rosemary, 2 thyme, 4 chamomile, 1 borage, 2 lavender, 2 lemon verbena, 1 cinnamon basil, 1 stevia, 2 raspberry, 1 blueberry purchased from local nurseries (plants that were locally grown), chamomile, calendula, cilantro, agrimony from seed, planted onions (better late than never, right?!)

Harvested: chicken eggs, milk, pie cherries, parsley, mulberries

Preserved: made 2 batches of soap, made 6# of butter (froze 5 of them) and 1 quart of ghee from locally purchased cream

Want Not: my best friend is moving back to new zealand with her family. while i am beside myself with sadness of losing a stay at home/homeschooling mama friend who understand me completely, i am happy for her. she can't take the majority of her appliances so i am cheaply purchasing several items: food processor, juicer, ex caliber dehydrator, stick blender, vacuum, single futon mattress (for the wwoofer bunkhouse greg is building) and crock pot that is larger than the one i own

Waste Not:  food scraps to chickens and/or compost (chickens dig in compost too). bought a 2nd bucket so one is marked chicken scraps and one is strictly compost (citrus peels, coffee grounds, etc). greg is building a dual purpose bunkhouse for our the winter it will double as a green house. we have a wood stove we purchased for my someday garage he can put in there if need be to heat it and it will be moveable so in the summertime, it will be parked under trees for shade and in the winter, flipped around so the windowed side will get lots of sun. 

Community: sold eggs, milk and yogurt to locals, sold soap, cherries, eggs at farmer's market (we are attending 2 a week this summer); spoke with a chef and owner of a local restaurant who is interested in purchasing my milk and eggs for her restaurant and store; bartered broccoli and asparagus for milk

Eat the Food: eggs, milk (yogurt), broccoli and asparagus from market, parsley, sage, thyme, rosemary plus various herbs for tea: lemon balm, lemon verbena, catnip, motherwort, bergamot; mulberries (made pancakes with them)

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