Saturday, April 7, 2007

good things

the weather is being cruel right now so i'm going to only focus on the positive...

...beautiful order from simmons berry farm: blueberries, cynthiana grapes (someday, our own norton wine!), raspberries and blackberries

...morels found 10 feet from my back door! seriously, in my yard!!

...a new greenhouse to start growing seedlings in

...lots of great plans for this year

...illinois cellars coming out with a wine that proves illinois can grow an excellent red wine grape (norton)

...did i mention the morels in our yard?!


Katie said...

Morels, yum! What time is dinner? It's too early here for me to even start thinking of morels.

Maria said...

MMMm!!! I can't wait until the morels start coming out in the woods! I never got to try them last year... I hear they taste like steak!

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