Thursday, April 19, 2007

spring is back on!

weather is warming up again. i took lots of notes about what survived...good lesson for winter gardening!

what adores a good hard freeze:
-mustard greens

what doesn't:

what will hang on:

that's a fair variety to grow in a winter garden.

i just received news that we are the proud owners of a nubian buckling. he is black & brown with spots and i believe white ears! born april 16 which means we'll be bringing him home mid-june. i can't wait!! now to find a doeling or two. i'll probably have to wait until next year for that.

i'd also like to acquire a navajo churro ewe and ram (sheep) and have recently gotten some ideas on how i could make an easy temp fence to move them around. now just to find the $500 to purchase them! that may need to wait a year as well.

i've been working like crazy outdoors, mulching paths, weeding, much to do! luckily, jaden loves the outdoors and sage is content to sit and watch me work so it's been easy to do. i'm trying to pretty up the place a bit by planting lots of flowers in hopes it will be colorful for our upcoming several-times-rescheduled hand-fasting/commitment ceremony we are planning this summer. after 7 years together, we'll finally be tying the knot. of course, that means i have a HUGE list of expectations for home renovations!

our chicks are growing like crazy! i'm trying to create a way to take them outside during the day for fresh air. right now, they are in the greenhouse.

keeping bees is a no-go this year unless we are treated to another swarm. we'll be getting all the equipment though so we'll be prepared, just in case. our local beekeeper lost 14 of 25 hives over the winter so he was unable to sell us one as he had originally planned.

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Maria said...

Congratulations on the handfasting. We made that a part of our 'marriage' ceremony too, along with a henna ceremony. Our anniversary is this Friday, so I may break out the henna again.

Lots of bee losses around here too. We had our last hive die from 'colony collapse disorder'. Hope to get two more in a few weeks...

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