Friday, April 11, 2008

baker's dozen

me and my boy...those cheeks are delicious! (his, not mine)

ginger has had 1 buckling. i think she's done which surprises me because we've always gotten twins from her. he was a big boy and took her longer than ever to birth him. his coat is very soft. he takes after his daddy:

now that he's all dried off, he's pure white. i've been calling him whitey jr. but perhaps turnip would be nicer.

that makes 2 bucks this year. a first ever for no does. this kid will be wethered and either sold at auction when he is bigger or put into our freezer. fact of life, boys don't often make the cut around here.

the new goats are still in the sick house. i have attempted to contact the previous owner to come take them back with no effort on his part to right this asinine situation he left us in. i guess the next step will be to offer them back for sale on craigslist for meat. if no one buys, once they are 'healthy' again, i'll take them to the sale barn. i'm not going to risk infecting my herd any further. they probably have a whole string of other illnesses ready to crop up. this guy's goat handling has a lot to be desired.

my seedlings are kicking bootie in the greenhouse (here's hoping tonights dropping temperatures don't kill them...the 'greenhouse' is a pretty sorry little thing and doesn't offer much heat at night). tomorrow i hope to install heat lamps in there to keep them warm and to keep our broilers warm...we will be housing the day old baby chicks in there as well. we did that last year and it worked out well, no more causalties than usual. the chicks arrive on monday.these are obviously not seedlings in my seed blocks. these were planted at the same time when i ran out of containers to put the blocks in. the seed block seeds are growing slower. not sure if it's because of the blocks or just the seeds i planted in there. (probably the seeds). i'll photograph them when the seedlings are not so embarrassingly small.

i ran out of 'pots' for tomato seedlings so i started rounding up anything i could find...a juice container, several yogurt containers and then duh! a few clay pots that i had....clay pots, the ORIGINAL seed pots.

sometimes i'm not too with it.


knitsteel said...

Those chubby cheeks are adorable. Little turnip goat looks sweet in all white.
I hope you get those goats back to health and sold soon.

Danielle said...

Your cheeks are pretty adorable too! Your seedlings look amazing! Ahhhh, little kids are the sweetest!

Life at Dogfight Cove said...

tansy- i'm starting a private journal/blog so send me an email if you'd like to join.

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