Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the broilers are here!

the past few nights, temps have dipped to the lower 30's so we rigged up heat lamps in the greenhouse.

the broilers will hang out in the greenhouse (in a dog kennel modified to be varmit proof...cardboard around the edges) until they are big enough to go into the chicken tractor that greg is still building.

the colored ones in the mix are actually layers we are raising for a city friend who wants chicks but is afraid to take them so young. we'll pass them along as soon as they are old enough.

at night, i cover the kennel with a blanket to hold in the heat. during the day, temps warm up enough that the overhead lights are shut off (in the greenhouse only, in the brooder, the 250 watt bulb stays on) and the blanket is partially removed.

i've started feeding them greens and they love them!


karl said...

how exciting! ours come monday.

i am hoping the cold night temps go away soon.


hillbilly2be said...

Very exciting! They sure look like fun.

I'm getting some ideas from your descriptions of how you do things. Thank you.


Herbwifemama said...

Oh, they are so CUTE! I want chickens... unfortunately, our patch of dirt doesn't have enough space. =/


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