Friday, April 25, 2008

huge steps for farmettes...

today i saw a lawyer about converting my little ole sole proprietorship into a llc. it's going to cost close to 1k when it's all said and done but this is good for us i think. first off, it removes the liability from my personal assets (read: house) and it opens up the spectrum of my business from one small abeit endless category (herbs) to something even larger (farm: eggs, meat, milk, wool, herbs, etc) and makes the opportunities endless.

i am changing the company name from herb company to farm. i'll still use the herb co. name for my herbal products. not being business/legal oriented, i'm not sure how this will work but supposedly it will.

sadly, the farm name is taken for a website. i wonder what it would take to buy the domain from them. i thought about adding llc to the domain name but i'd rather it just be it just looks better.

while i write this entry, i'm cooking another batch (tripled) of violet jelly for market. this will probably be it for the violets and i'll move on to dandelions and lilacs as they are both abundant right now too. i'm hoping to have a huge offering of herbal jellies this year.

yesterday, i picked up our 3 goats from the processor and went about bagging them. it took about 5 hours to do it and it was a great learning experience. i requested them to just put them in chops and stew meat. next time, i'll know better, this was just what a friend who sells goat meat told me to do. well, after bagging the first two, i went online and started googling chevon to see what cuts were for sale and prices. after handling those two and looking online, i was able to identify the various parts of the sides and so i was able to label the third one better and package it better. i was too tired to pull the first two out and rebag them so they will sell as is.

our broiler chicks are growing fast. i'll have to photograph them and show the difference between them and the pullet chicks i purchased for a friend. the size difference is amazing even though they are only about 12 days old. the broilers legs are HUGE. following the reminder from ron's posting about giving his chicks gravel, i gave them a container of coarse sand which they devoured. oops! sorry about that. in the past, i've always been on the ball about making sure they had enough grit but not this year. all is well though.

my seedlings are growing by leaps and bounds too. i separated all the basil seedlings today. i've got about 36ish of each of the 4 types of culinary (genovese, red rubin, spicy globe and thai). i'm also growing holy basil but it has been slower to germinate and is just now doing so. my seedlings are ready to be planted out. hopefully greg will be able to till tomorrow and work up the new area for the herb garden (who knows, once again it rained the day before the weekend). it's supposed to rain again on sunday so i won't be able to get out there until monday probably. another week gone by w/o any outdoor planting. i'm starting to get frustrated.

tomorrow, the only nice day of the weekend, i'm signed up for a class down in carbondale, project learning tree. i'm going with a friend. as usual, when i sign up for stuff like this, it sounds great until the day approaches and then i'm always wondering WHY i signed myself up for these things. once i'm there, i'll enjoy it but i sure and bummed that i'll be missing a beautiful day for working outdoors. why couldn't it rain tomorrow and be nice on sunday?!

sunday, it is supposed to get down to 39 at night. winter's last hurrah i suppose. next week will be cooler as well, in the 50's and 60's. darnit, i want the warmer weather back! (soon enough, the humidity will be knocking me on my butt and i'll be wishing for cooler weather).

tonight, my oldest informed me he saw morels behind the chicken coop. dodging the fast approaching storm, he showed them to me. holy moly, they made the ones by the house look pathetic. these were HUGE. i quickly snatched them up and since it was too dim to search for more, i made a mental note of their location and i'll be back! i am ecstatic that we have such a find so close to our house!!

this week, i got ambitious with all the cow's milk (i purchase raw milk from a relative) and made mozzarella and cottage cheese. they both turned out quite well. i'm looking forward to more cheese making adventures!


Brad Carter said...

Congrats on the LLC! I looked into that last year and decided against it for now. But I did register a business instead.

You might want to trademark your LLC name too. Or is that included in your $1,000? Then you can just sue the guy who has your trademarked name. :)

Kathie said...

Congrats on the business adventures, awesome! Sometimes buying domain names can get pricey but you can do a search on who owns it and send it an email and see what they want for it.

I bet that violet jelly is beautiful!

It's snowed here everyday this week, not tons but enough to put a stop to any ideas of outdoor planting, I can completely related to how you feel.

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