Monday, August 4, 2008

computer difficulties

posting may be sparse for awhile, my laptop keyboard is dying. i've lost the ability to use e, f and 3 and sometimes d. right now, i'm borrowing my kids' computer but that is a rare moment.


Brad Carter said...

For a temporary fix, you could plug a USB keyboard into your laptop.

There's a ribbon cable that goes from your keyboard to the motherboard inside the laptop. If you're feeling ambitious, you could take the laptop apart and try to make sure it's in there tight. Taking a laptop apart isn't usually much fun though.

Wonder if a local computer shop could help you. I think the ones around Alton charged $25 - $35 an hour to do anything. I hope you get it working! I would hate to lose use of my laptop.

Stephany said...

I know how that goes. When we are down to one computer, which seems to be most of the time here lately for one reason or another, my Internet time is about zero.Hope you are up and running soon.

When you get a chance, could you tell me where you get the one ounce tins for your ointments?
You sent some plantain ointment in one when I ordered the elderberry tincture and they are the perfect size. Unfortunately even with a wholesale account, Frontier wants a fortune for them.

Ron said...

Don't worry, Tansy, w- can r-ad what you writ-. It's no -un to los- your k-ys, but i- you post, w- will r-ad. :)


(I found a laptop keyboard on ebay once for $15, and had no problem swapping it out... just a few screws and a cable to unplug. Might be an option?)

Barbara said...


I'm really enjoying reading your blog, and learning a lot. I think that your rose petal jelly must be heavenly, you said to follow the violet jelly recipe, Can you let me know where to find that? Thanks so much,
Barbara (in Tennessee)

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