Saturday, August 16, 2008

hope restored

we have been lucky with our wwooers this year. we've had three sets so far and 1 more to go and they have been a great help, unlike the ones we had last year. (we had 1 girl who stayed three months, invited her boyfriend out w/o consulting us first and then sponged off us the rest of her stay).

the current couple biked here from new jersey via michigan. they dove right in from the moment they arrived (at 9pm) to learn how to milk the goats. the guy has set posts to help build our pasture and she does the dishes constantly, even when it's the kids' responsibility. it's nice to relax and not worry about things getting done. this summer has been a summer of knowing it is being taken care of even if i don't have the time to do it myself.

all have been great with the kids too. which is wonderful because my kids are enamored by everyone that shows up.

we have 1 more girl to show up next week. she and the current couple will be here until mid-september.


Di said...


I've seen you use that term before ... but what is a wwooer?

MMP said...

Ya, just what is a wwooer?

MMP said...

I googled around and found WWOOF, is that what we are talking about?

Maybe we'll check into that for the future. We already run a cooperative household (we rent bedrooms with access to a communal kitchen and other common areas) to people working temporarialy in the area. Maybe a WWoofer fits in there somewhere also.


Robbyn said...

I'd love to know more about the woofers, too, and what has to be the set-up in order to be eligible for them to come and help. So glad you're having a good experience with them this year!

tansy said...

yes, i meant woofer. darn keyboard!

i think the only requirements to be a host are having some land that you are farming in some manner. check out their website.

Stephany said...

I am putting that keyboard in the mail today. Sorry to take so long but we couldn't find a box it would fit in.

I think about some of the homeschool kids that I know who would love to apprentice on a farm like yours. I will have to post a link to that website on our homeschool association list.

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