Monday, August 11, 2008

still limping along on my 'puter..

woodruff, our ram, originally a 5 horn, down to 4

he wants to be friendly but still isn't sure. i'll win him over!

shearing our 1st sheep. they haven't been sheared in at least a year and this one was the most matted .

our wwooer and greg trimming took all three o' us 2 hours to get her done using 2 hand shears and a leatherman (the saw blade to cut through the dreads).

butchered job but hopefully feeling much better.

turkeys! one disappeared, we are down to three now. no more free range until they are bigger.

what are you looking at?! sheep with attitude.

so far, betony and sassafras won't mingle with the new sheep. hopefully they will all get acquainted soon.

ridge named our great pyr pups thelma and louise.

the trip was great. we got to meet a bunch o' wonderful people (including gina and her beautiful family) and see a lot o' beautiful landscapes through ohio and indiana. i wish we had had the time to travel more slowly and enjoy everything more but i'm grateful we got the time we did. the owners o' the sheep were very nice and we spent saturday morning hanging out with woodruff's previous owners and touring their place.

thank goodness for spell check which helps fill in the blanks.


Stephany said...

Shearing sheep is a lot of work! We didn't have sheep on the farm which kind of surprises me because Mom was a knitter but our Girl Scout leader had about fifty. Every year she would invite all the Girl Scouts in the area to a "sheep sheering party". We thought it was fantastic fun, I am guessing she just appreciated the free labor. LOL

karl said...

good to 'hear' from you!

the sheep are wonderful! i hope sheering is easier on fleece that hasnt been left for too long. i have sheered a sheep or two by hand and it is hard work!

i am glad your trip was fun. more pictures! how are the bees?


Gina said...

Oh, they're beautiful! Did they hold still for you while shearing??? It's hard work with the hand shears isn't it? (But you guys did it!!!:)

Nita said...

Wow, love the pics, sorry about your computer.
That shearing job looks pretty good considering how long the poor sheep had been dealing with that.

Will you breed in the fall?

Ron said...

The sheep look like an adventure! Those turkeys are getting mighty big too, sorry you lost one.

Glad you had a good trip! We always feel like it's nice to get away occasionally.


Robbyn said...

Beautiful sheep!

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