Wednesday, September 3, 2008

garden in september

sorry for the absence...i'm still struggling w/o several keys.

the garden is amazing looking right now. the wwoofers (who are leaving friday..sniff) have done an amazing job with it.

some weird events have taken place this year:

-my bushing cucumbers are vining
-my volunteer pumpkin is actually a pumpkin and not a gourd
-my planted pumpkins look suspiciously like butternut squashes (which is great since the ones i planted got eaten by the bugs)

heart shaped tomato

this ain't no stinkin' pumpkin!

but this thing the size of my head is!

entrance to veggie garden from herb gardens

going off to the left


okra behind the weeds

raised beds weeded, mulched & sown with fall crops

butternut pumpkin on the right

green cotton

very productive!


MeadowLark said...

You had me at the heart shaped tomatoe. :)

Kathie said...

Its all so gorgeous and those kiddos just melt my heart.

Barbara (in Tennessee) said...

I love the photo of your children.

What are you going to do with the cotton?

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

The garden looks great - your area looks dry!

I'm curious about the cotton too?? Drying, processing etc.

tansy said...

meadowlark and kathie - thank you!

barbara - i use it instead of store purchased cotton balls and also will start spinning it when i can get my wheel back out (after the kids pass the destructive stage).

nita - thank you. it has been dry this month but today, we have had nothing but rain. :)

for the cotton, i wait until the bolls burst open and then harvest them, usually in the fall when the plant is dying back. then, as i need it, i pull it out of the bolls and 'seed' it, saving the seed to grow next year.

Gina said...


I think I will need some wooffers if I ever want to be able to keep up, LOL.

Hope all is well (I am in S. Indiana tonight and I wish I could bring the rain home with me!

Barbara (in Tennessee) said...

That's cool. I grew up on a farm in west Tennessee and one of the crops my family grew was cotton. Only ours just went to the gin.

I never once thought about using it instead of cotton balls. I do know that it is really sticky to the seeds if you are seeding by hand. and good luck on spinning cotton.

I did see it regularly in one of my neighbors yards when I lived in Memphis, but I really think that they were just growing it for the novelty of it.

I might try growing my own chemical free cotton balls next summer. Thanks for the idea!

Paulette said...

Awesome garden, and those kids are adorable.

knitsteel said...

looks like you've had a productive and fruitful summer

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