Friday, September 26, 2008

independence days - week 21

since i'm struggling to get the garden in again this year due to my rambunctious toddler, i thought taking the id challenge would be a good moral booster for me. i try to practice this idea anyway during the growing seasons so it's a great reminder of how much i really do even when it feels like i don't.

this week was all about preparing. i've been reading justice desserts' 21 day challenge which got me back into the mood to prepare for the worst. filling in the gaps is my theme this week...

1. plant something:
^need to start planting garlic

2. harvest something:
^eggs, milk

3. preserve something:


4. prep something:
^sewed 24 more t.p. wipes
^set up brooder 4 25 layer chicks that arrive today!

5. cook something:


6. manage your reserves:
^three bags clothing to thrift store
^stored 20lbs. potatoes, 2 bottles wine, 2 bags chocolate, 8 bottles vinegar, 1 bottle bleach, 1 box washing soda, 1 box borax, 4 big boxes baking soda, 1-24 pack of conventional tp (yuk!), 6 cans shortening (for making soap, i would never use it in cooking!)
^hand crank honey extractor, smoker, uncapping knife, deep supers & frames (purchased from a fellow marketer)

7. work on local food systems:
^sold eggs and jellies at local farmer's market
^bartered with produce vendor: milk for veggies
^picked up 25 day old layer chicks

8. reduce waste:
^use canvas bags at grocery store and farmer's market
^re-use egg cartons for our nest run eggs

9. Learned a skill:
printed out information about baking w/o an oven/electricity to start attempting

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Gina said...

Oh, so lucky on the hand crank honey extractor!!! I would love one of those (need to add that to the list!) That is one of my goals this week: check on the bees and see if anything harvestable. I was walking back in the woods and on the edges and near the pond, I saw hundreds (1000s?) of honey bees. I think they are my girls, but the guy who owns the pine forest also keeps several hives. Nevertheless, they were quite busy gathering pollan from the goldenrod, stone crop, and daisies.

I've been "listening" remotely to the 21-day challenge at JD, but haven't had a chance to read it yet (always spread thin).

On the topic of spread thin, I have been meaning to get a "real" letter out to you to thank you for returning that toy (I wouldn't have even missed it!) and send back your canvas bath bag. Forgive my slowness!!

Hope all is well!

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