Thursday, April 22, 2010

independence days challenge year 3

this week i've been mostly focusing on the next issue of herbal roots and doing school with jaden. the days fly by in a blur. i don't have time to think, it's all just do, do, do. getting dizzy on the merry-go-round of life...

Planted: more medicinal herbs: lady's mantle, pasque flower, speedwell, viburnum opulus (crampbark), curry, parsley, thyme, red raspberries; strawberries got moved, not sure if they are going to make it because it took greg 2 weeks from the time i dug them to get the area worked up to replant...

Harvested: chicken and turkey eggs, milk, nettles, chickweed, dandelion greens, violet and dandelion blossoms, sheep sorrel

Preserved: attempted to make 2 large batches of dandelion and violet jelly but both now i have about 24 jars of dandelion and violet syrup. i hope to go back and try to reprocess it next week

Want Not: purchased bookshelf for daughter at 2nd hand store; several homeschooling books for the kids (science, math and history) plus an anatomy coloring book for myself that was different than the one i have; water shoes for kids, roller skates for kids, shirt for sage, chair for my 'someday' office that matches another chair i already have - all from thrift shop;

Waste Not:  food scraps to chickens and/or compost (chickens dig in compost too),

Community: sold eggs, milk and yogurt to locals

Eat the Food: lots of nettles, eggs, milk (yogurt), violet flowers, dandelion flowers and greens, chickweed

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