Thursday, April 22, 2010

schooling jaden

the past few months, i've fallen into the unschooling category. at first i was neurotic about it but when i started seeing all she was learning, i didn't worry too much about it. but, last week, all that changed.

one of the things jaden has learned to do is call her dad's cell phone. she has his phone number memorized. so, she started saying to him 'ask mom why we didn't do school today...' greg doesn't agree with unschooling so i couldn't explain that so i just said i'm taking a break.

after 2 days of this, and jaden telling greg about all the movies she watched that day (which really weren't many but still, we have gotten into a bad habit of watching movies daily which needs to STOP) and greg questioning about how many movies she watches in a day, i put my foot down with her and said 'no more!'

new rule: no movies unless school work is done unless they are educational related (muzzy for french and spanish, linnea for art history and an abc video we have).

boy, she threw a fit but i pointed out to her that she was calling her dad and complaining i wasn't doing school so i was just trying to go with her wishes to 'formally' school. she was grumpy the first day but then, i decided to try out the history odyssey 'try before you buy' option for ancient civilization and got to work tracking down all the resources they require. (thanks maria for mentioning this on your homeschool list!)

one of these resources is History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations, Grades 1-3. she LOVED it! it took us 2 days to do it because i had to go out and get construction paper but the first day, she colored all the pictures and did the copy work/vocabulary/etc and the 2nd she cut them out, glued them on the construction paper and assembled the pocket. she is ready to do the next section!

as much as i hate going through a lot of paper, if she is learning and enjoying it, i'm willing to work with it a bit.

for math we are still sticking with math-u-see for now. she is bored with it, she really does enjoy the art/creating side of schooling.

art/foreign language
she has been doing ballet once a week since january and loves it!
i may get the artistic pursuits books for art inspiration. although we draw, paint, etc., i like the formal learning part too (another maria suggestion)
muzzy french and spanish

language arts
and yet another maria endorsement: all about spelling

for science, i am going to start the r.e.a.l life science curriculum (put out by the same people who do history odyssey) as they have the same 'try before you buy' option. also, jaden has been really interested in herbalism lately and working with me to make herbal products. since i am trying to do formal study myself, i thought life science would be a good start to let her see what i am learning about the human body and this curriculum covers that quite well.
also, we go to willoughby weekly for my master naturalist volunteer work and she helps with that

general living skills
i feel these are very important. i encourage and welcome her help whenever i am doing any household stuff: dishes, cooking, laundry, cleaning, ironing, etc. and homesteading: gardening, milking, collecting eggs, tethering goats, etc.


Maria said...

:-) Glad I could help! We just started on Ancient civilizations this week and Kaia is really digging it! All About Spelling has really helped Kaia with her reading, and Artistic pursuits looks like it's going to be really fun (we'll start it in a few months). Kaia doesn't get as much hands on/artsy stuff as she'd like, so I know she'll love this.

Good luck!

tansy said...

i just ordered the spelling and art books so we'll start those whenever they arrive. i really need to find more activity style stuff for her, she LOVES it!!

trying to cram as much school in as possible before we get too distracted by summer.

Millie said...

There is an old series of books (I don't even know if they are in print anymore) that are wonderful for hands on activities. I will try to remember to get the title/author when I am at work tomorrow. I've done a lot of the activities with my son, nephews, and students. They love them.

Millie said...

There is a series of three or four books by Margaret Kenda and Phyllis S. Williams. Barron's Science Wizardry for Kids; Barron's Math Wizardry for Kids; Barron's Geography Wizardry for Kids. They are full of fun hands-on learning activities.

Isabella LeCour said...

I've really enjoyed your blog for a while now so I'm happy to tell you...I have an award for you here.....
Seeking Sanctuary
Thanks for brighting up my days!

Whirliegig said...

Ooh, thanks for the information on reference manuals! We'll be homeschooling our first year come fall and I'm still lost on the programs I want to focus on.

Anonymous said...


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