Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dreads - take 2

i spent monday and tuesday removing the braids and back combing, added aloe vera gel to the mix and palm rolled them several times. they are looking MUCH better now! 


Cottage Tails said...

I've been looking at getting dreads dh thinks I have flipped. So loved looking at your process.

Day 2 does look better - looking forward to watching your progress.

Love Leanne

Family of Movers said...

Hi! Love your dreads! My kids thought I looked silly at first but they love them now. Dying them has really locked them up more. Message me if you want more info on how to dye dreads.

latisha said...

you know since we've never met and ive only ever seen that one picture of you on FB, to me, when i see you here it seems like you've always had them. they are perfect.

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