Thursday, October 21, 2010

traditions in western herbalism conference

it's been a whirlwind since i last posted!

back in mid september i attended the traditions in western herbalism conference and i have to say, it was the most amazing experience i've had in my life. it was like a family reunion, but the only difference is, everyone genuinely liked each other and was happy to see each other! although we were a bunch of herbal geeks and shy as all get out, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. i met more people that i've 'known' through the internet in one weekend than i have my entire computer life!

the speakers were amazing and i learned so much from their off the cuff presentations. they were not allowed powerpoint presentations and most of the classes were held outside with the most breathtaking scenic views. i must have photographed the same mountain at least 10 times, lol.

it was such a blessing meeting so many amazing herbalists and friends....paul bergner, kiva rose, jim mcdonald, rosalee de la foret, john gallagher and his family, matthew wood, darcey blue french, sean donahue, molly gray, jesse wolf hardin, margi flint, 7song, howie brounstein, charles garcia, christine tolf, kristen davenport and more plus a few i've met in the past (rosemary gladstar and phyllis light).

hanging out with molly was a pleasure, she was easy to get a long with and she tolerated my gift of gab....i'm shy at first but once i get comfortable with you, look out! i felt really comfortable around her right away. i'm glad to have gotten to meet her and spend some time chatting on the drive to/from albuquerque and other times during the weekend.

we got to hear rising appalachia sing on several occasions as well as paul bergner, tina collins and her pony and a lovely flamenco couple sing and perform.

since i had to fly (last minute change of plans), i slept in my rental car which was uncomfortable but worked out fine. didn't really need much sleep (or food apparently as it, well, sucked) as i was high on herbally goodness the entire time.

next year, i'll be packing meat, hoops (can you believe there was not ONE single hoop there?!...), sea salt and traveling by vehicle so i can pack a tent and not deal with stuffy heads and clogged ears the entire trip or arrive at the airport and have to wait an hour before my family decided to get around to picking me up when my flight landed. feeling the love there....NOT.

also next year, i'll be presenting 2 classes! i've very excited about this. i'll be teaching 1 class TO kids about herbs (i'm writing a special edition of herbal roots just for the conference attendees....) and i'll be teaching a class on how to teach herbs to kids for parents and teachers. i have so many ideas bursting in my head on this topic, i've jotted them down so i won't forget anything....

i'm already counting down the days until i head back there. loved the dry heat, endless blue skies, red rocks and open spaces. i've been to new mexico many times and this was my first positive felt similar to being in sedona, arizona. hoping this will be an annual pilgrimage...i told greg when we are free to travel, i'd like to just travel conference to conference year round. :D sounds like a great way to explore the country to me! of course, i'd also like to head down to south america for a year or so and just study the flora there and perhaps write some issues of herbal roots based on the plants i learn! wouldn't that be neat?


Flassie's Fil'a said...

I can see why you'd want
to photograph that Mountain
that many times! Beautiful!

Oh, what a wonderful experience!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up. I'm just having a read around of different people's take on the conference - so good for those of us elsewhere in the world to see this inspiring gathering.


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