Friday, October 1, 2010

solstice ideas

that time of the year is right around the corner and so i'm putting together ideas for the kids. the girls are always so much easier to create for than the boys, why is that?

i purchased a couple of bows w/ arrows and wooden swords from a re-enactment booth at a festival. there's a hodge podge that should please 5 of them.

other ideas include:

*making blank art journals for the girls to decorate. actually, this one might work for everyone although sage isn't really in to doing anything more than scribbling at the moment. i'll see how much time i have to make them.

*felted elf style slippers for 3 of the kids made by a friend.

*custom designed fused glass earrings for the girls from another friend.

friends and family will be receiving hand knitted wash cloths, hand made soap and honey from our bees. i'm hoping to compile some pictures of the kids to give to grandparents.

more ideas will come up as we get closer i'm sure.

what ideas do you have for the holidays?


jenny miller said...
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jenny miller said...

I love your gift ideas! My boys are getting mittens and balaclavas (gift trade with my BF)and I'm making them each a quilt. My hubby is building them a dollhouse for their little gnomes and figures. Well, those are some of the ideas so far. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

looks like awesome gifts! Good job mama!

Alan said...

We went to the Flint Ridge Knap-In here in SE Ohio a month ago. The kids all got to try the Atlatl with Ray. It is simple, you can make one very easily, and the boys love it (nothing like a six foot sharp pointy stick flung 50 yards at a target!) Check out Rays site for some links to plans etc. Almost as good as throwing knives!

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