Tuesday, June 17, 2008

lions and tigers and sheep oh my!

we are adding to our sheep herd. a breeder in ohio led me to someone she sold 4 ewes to a few years back who is now wanting to sell them because he doesn't have time for them. he lives near cincinnati. so, we are planning a road trip (greg, jaden, sage and i) to treck from our new of the woods through indiana to ohio. we're going to consider this our vacation. ha

i've been trying to get the weeds under control in the garden. this am, when the kids get up, i'll be dragging us out to the shed to load carts
full of old goat bedding to mulch as much as possible. i managed to wipe out 3 tomatoes with the scuffle hoe. i am so pissed at myself for that.

i planted okra
for the 3rd time. i'm determined to grow it! we love our okra around here. i also replanted cukes...7 out of 36 came up.

i've made a
few runs to local thrift shops trying to find things to outfit the wwoof cabin. i've found a lot...sheets, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, baskets, some cards and other games (checkers, yahtzee), chairs (we have a table), napkins, towels.

yesterday, we harvested about 2 or so gallons o
f cherries. and that was only the bottom 1/3 of the tree! we need a better ladder system so we can reach higher! for now, there is cherry jam and cherry pie in our future!

today we are picking up a nice exterior door and a ceiling
fan w/light for 20 each. and also, going thrifting again. i'm trying to find a bike for sage.

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Robbyn said...

Oh, cherries...you're rich!!

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