Friday, June 6, 2008

local eating

i don't actively participate in the local eating but thought i'd share a picture of a make-shift salad we had last night.i scraped together tyfon, lamb's quarters and radish leaves, peppermint, lemon balm, borage and nasturtium flowers, radishes and parmesan cheese. all but the cheese came from our yard. i served it with goat steaks that had been marinated/tenderized overnight, boiled tyfon sprinkled with salt, thyme and olive oil, leftover rice, fresh radishes and green beans. a mostly local dinner.

this jelly is divine! it smells like roses and the taste is subtle and wonderful. it turned the lovely pink color when i added the lemon juice to the infusion. for the record, i used the roses shown, plus a lighter pink variety and some white and yellow. fragrance is the key. if you're interested in making it, follow the violet jelly recipe.

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Robbyn said...

How beautiful...the rose jelly looks wonderful! (now I'm hurrying over to Google the word "tyfon"...)

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