Wednesday, June 4, 2008

swarm #2

we got a phone call at the end of dinner tonight...a swarm in someone's backyard. could we come get it?!

we said either we or another beekeeper would bee there shortly. we got the address, hung up and called our mentor, charlie. he threw together a hive for us and we stopped by to get it on our way out.

we got to the next town and the swarm, a small one again, was on a mulberry branch about 2' off the ground. easy-peasy.

we got most into the hive very quickly and then left it bee for about 30 minutes to allow the stragglers to go in as well. since it was close to sun down, it didn't take long at all.

when we got home and greg placed the hive next to the first swarm, he noticed the first hive had a lot of bees hanging out outside the box. seems they've already filled that puppy up. we need to get our supers STAT and hope they don't swarm in the meantime. i'll be calling kelly bees when they open in the am and order a 10 pack of supers.

we are in business!


hillbilly2be said...
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Gina said...

Wow, putting your name on that list is really paying off! I may have to put my own on there in my area! Great luck!

Sasha said...

That's awesome! I'm excited for you.

How do you go about catching a swarm?

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