Friday, June 13, 2008

spring/early summer to do list

time to retire this thing and work towards the summer to do.

-sew 4-6 dresses for jaden doesn't need anymore
-sew apron for jaden
-plant spring veggies:radishes, carrots, turnips, kale, mustard greens, lettuce, peas
-start seedlings: tomatoes, peppers, etc.
-plant potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes

-trellis grapes
-call fire department about bees
-change company to llc
-gutters on barn and shed
-set up greenhouse
-work on fencing for goats
-muck out chookhouse and start new compost pile oldest did this himself!
-muck out goat stalls in progress
-call power company and order load of mulch
-build chicken tractor

-sump pump
-wainscoting in kitchen not happening until late autumn/early winter
-start root cellar sorta some bins prepped and light bulbs
-apply for usda approval for egg sales approved!
-apply for license for selling goat's milk not doing this year
-re-stock herbal products to gear up for market
-create market herb garden

-renovate garage into summer guest cabin (to by used primarily by wwoofers)
-fence garden in on chicken side perimeter
-set up hot wire fencing around front yard for sheep


Danielle said...

Well, it seems that soaking the livers in milk all day or overnight takes some of the gamey, tin can or irony flavor and just softens it a bit. I hope that made sense. I actually thawed the livers on the counter (not sure if the usda would approve) in the milk all day long, then I just checked to see if I needed to cut off the tendon line and then dredged them in whole wheat flour and pan fried them in some canolla oil. Put them on a cookie rack and salted them. So yummy!

Nita said...

I'm feeding cleavers to my milk cows, since they don't get to go out and find it themselves like our beef cows. Have you ever dried it like nettles for winter use? They relish it now, but I wonder if the dried herb would have as much charge for them???
I was thinking maybe I didn't answer your question right about the pasture planting. I just barreled right ahead and gave my opinion - but I can give you some pointers if you want to plant some new ground with good pasture species... Your list makes me tired!!!

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